TV appearances, fit men and placentas….

What a great day. Just to reinforce one of the points I made yesterday, friends are great. I haven’t done anything particularly fantastic today, but a friend of mine did, and just seeing her happy has made today fab. She appeared on prime time breakfast TV this morning, promoting her line of work. Suffice to say, she did well. She didn’t come across as some bra-less, mental hippy type, but the sophisticated young mum that she is. Meeting her for lunch afterwards left me in a fantastic mood because I could see how buoyed up she was.

But, her TV appearance wasn’t the only thing to perk up my day. The fact she also invited along her super fit friend provided some very welcome eye candy. And man, was he delicious. Dark hair, lovely green eyes – killer combo. I thought my ‘flirting’ attempts were rusty and this was only reinforced when my friend told me that I wasn’t actually flirting. Oh dear. Something else to add to the list for 2012 – finding my inner Siren, and I’m hoping I get plenty of practice at that.

It’s the little things that can make a person happy. It’s payday, I had a nice lunch and I’m now devouring a family size bar of hazelnut Dairy Milk as I watch One Born Every Minute. Add to that the fact I’m looking into my summer holiday, things can’t get much better. I’ve never done a girls holiday before and this year it has to happen. Ibiza, Malia – who cares where? As long as I’ve got my girls, the ones who’ve helped me so much over the last few months, weeks and days, I’ll be a happy chick.


4 thoughts on “TV appearances, fit men and placentas….

  1. am I invited??? I want a girls holiday! Thanks for this amazing post, it’s brilliant and yes, he’s brilliant too. I can’t wait to see you soon and give you a good dose of country, trees, green, cold fresh air to clear the mind and soul! xxx luv u!

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